Our Samsung TV, long out of warranty, had an issue where it was beeping and cycling, taking longer and longer to turn on, sometimes up to 10 minutes. Once it was on, it worked fine. I put the following into Google “Samsung TV issues”. Up popped an article from PC magazine from September 2012 regarding an issue with capacitors on Samsung LCD TVs built between 2006 and 2009 (the period my TV would have been made). The problem with the capacitors caused issues with the unit turning on reliably. There was a class action suit settlement in Oklahoma and, since that time, Samsung had offered to fix the issue for free for US customers. I called Samsung customer service with my model number and serial number in hand. They referred me to a department that confirmed that if this was the issue with my TV, it would be repaired for free with in-home visit from a local repair company. If this was not the issue, the repair company would give me an estimate for the repair needed with no charge for the visit. The repair company called and scheduled a Saturday appointment, same week I had called Samsung. The capacitor was the only issue, it was fixed for free!!

Tip: When you have an issue with a product, “Google” the problem, even if it is out of warranty. You may be rewarded with a free repair!

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