I have owned a bread machine for many years. I used it a lot with packaged bread machine mixes when I first got it. The bread was good, but kind of an awkward sized loaf and odd crust. I recently pulled my bread machine out of the garage cabinet, did a little research and found that it can also be used to make dough from “scratch” for many yummy items that you can bake in your oven!

Determined to make some economic Christmas presents, I looked up a bread machine recipe for Hoska, a Czech Christmas bread my Bohemian grandmother, Nana, used to make. I made 12 loaves to enjoy with my family and give as gifts to family and friends. It was a big hit and cost very little, just time, which I have a lot of at the moment.

I have also started making my own pizza with dough made in the bread machine, homemade pizza sauce, hand grated mozzarella and other cheeses and toppings. I made cinnamon rolls from scratch, our traditional Christmas morning breakfast (formerly used Pillsbury Grand rolls) and made rosemary garlic sandwich rolls for New Year’s Day ham and cheese sandwiches (see picture above). I guess you could say I’m on a roll! (I know, bad bun pun!).

My grandmother was a great baker, I’m sure she is looking down on me from heaven very proud! It has been a lot of creative fun during the holidays. I will be posting recipes I have found to be successful with my White Westinghouse 1.5 lb capacity bread machine. Search the tag “Bread Machine” on this site to find my favorite recipes.

Tip: If you have a bread machine, you can save a lot of $ by making your own baked goods for home and using for gifts!

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