Nana’s Fruit Cobbler

My grandmother made this cobbler using just about any fruit grown in her garden or given to her by relatives and friends! Many luscious varieties of peaches, plums and apricots are all part of my childhood memories.

Peaches in Syrup

My grandmother made use of peaches from her garden in many different ways. Here is a recipe I captured “in her own words”. Her recipes were rarely written down, so I spent time with her recording many for posterity. Some amounts may not be exact (for instance how many peaches are needed) so use your judgement and enjoy!

The New Victory Gardens

Whatever you can grow in your garden economically can save you $ when you use the produce in your family meals. Be creative based on what you can grow and work it into your menu and food gifts for family and friends.

Costco Pharmacy

Health plan prescription drug co-pays at pharmacies, and even some mail order drug programs for maintenance drugs, can be expensive. Generally the lowest co-pay is $10 for a monthly supply. Obviously prescriptions are even more expensive if you are uninsured.